Saturday, February 11, 2017

Battle of Bull Run

Well we picked the hottest day of the year (more on that later) to gather at Ralph's place for a game of Fire and Fury.  This was set at Bull Run on his handmade specific terrain using part of his great (huge) collection of 6mm H&R ACW troops.

I was the Confederate commander and faced Ralph, Ross and Nick.  The Rebs had a hard time of it for much of the game.

The Battlefield looking North with Bull Run on the right
Bee's Brigade sheltering Evans's reduced Brigade with the Union are on the ridge
Union opposite Bartow's Brigade behind the woods
Up comes another Union brigade while Evans moves to close the gap
Hampton's Brigade comes on - looks a little small doesn't it?
Hampton looks even smaller when you consider the Union forces coming on in the distance
While Hampton held them, Stonewall's Brigade had time to come up
Stonewall about to repulse Sherman's Brigade back across the river

On the other flank Evan's Brigade is about to be hammered
But too late for the Union, Stonewall, Hampton and Bartow have held the right flank

And yet more Confederates are coming onto the table

The Confederates hold Henry Hill and win the game
More troops arriving on Henry Hill to make sure it is held
Now I said that I would give you a bit more on the weather - below is a picture of the car about 5 minutes after getting in to it to go home - this was 5.45pm.  Aircon was keeping me sane inside the car while the outside was getting ready for the bacon and eggs.  I've never seen it get to that level before.





  1. Hot time for the Federals this day at Bull Run. Very hot time for you, too! Outstanding game layout and excellent photography.

    1. It was on both counts - Ralph has done a great job on the terrain and the units.

  2. Great looking game and figures!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain - was a great game. Hadn't played Fire and Fury rules before so they were good

  3. Great looking game, mass effect is really impressive...Level of temperature is also, very very impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil - the temp doesn't worry us - they grow us strong down here :)

  4. Great looking game....not that hot here in Northern England 😀

    1. Matt is was a reminder of how good the smaller scales can look when they are used in then right setting.